Daylilies are some of the easiest perennials to grow, filling almost any space in the garden with a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes. The flowers last only one day for most plants (hence the name), you may want to grow lots of different varieties for a long-term display of color. Or look for reblooming …

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Impatiens provide loads of color with little effort in shady places in the garden. Most commonly, impatiens come in softer pastel shades, but some species come in warm colors like yellow, coral, and orange as well. Some varieties also offer double flowers that look almost like mini roses. With their quick growth habit, impatiens are …



A great long-lasting color plant, Crossandra can bloom almost nonstop all year long in the right conditions. In tropical climates, these heat- and humidity-loving plants put on quite the show with their spikes of bright orange, yellow, salmon, or pink blooms. They can also make wonderful houseplants with their glossy, deep green foliage that looks …



Ivy geraniums are another popular variety of  geranium. These plants have more of a trailing habit with segmented leaves like ivy. Overall, blooms of the geranium ivy are very similar to the zonal geranium. They have smaller bloom clusters flowers and are perfect for hanging baskets.  

Osteospermum 'African Daisy'

OSTEOSPERMUM ‘African Daisy’

Osteospermums, similar to snapdragons and pansies, are most often grown as cool-season annuals that pack a fragrant punch. Some varieties are hardy to Zones 10-11, but it’s best to grow them in mild climates. In many instances, the plants will take a break from blooming during the hot summer until cool nights resume in fall. Ideally, …

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ORIENTAL LILY ‘Asiatic Lily’

Oriental lilies are the classic “late bloomer.” These stunning flowering bulbs bloom after Asiatic lilies, continuing the lily parade in the landscape well into the season. Growing oriental lily plants is fairly easy provided you have a well prepared site for bulbs, plenty of sun and good drainage. Some of the most magnificent flowers in …

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Achillea is a classic garden perennial known for its beautiful blooms.  This is the perfect plant for low maintenance gardens that needs lots of colorful blooms! Plant this in full sun and enjoy it all season long. With its tall stems of colorful flowers and fern-like foliage, it works especially well in a cottage garden …

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Trailing Pansies grows bigger, faster, and with better branching than a regular pansy. It’s like a pansy on steroids, trailing more than 2 feet from baskets, with larger leaves, wider flowers, and a more bushy habit. Pansies have heart-shaped, overlapping petals and one of the widest ranges of bright, pretty colors and patterns. Good for …



Coreopsis is also known as ‘tickseed’. Coreopsis is the perfect plant that for the cottage and naturally grown look. People like it for its sunny, long-lasting blooms. Birds love it for the tasty seeds it provides. Butterflies and other pollinators enjoy its tasty nectar. We adore it for everything it brings to a garden.


Daisies are perhaps the most cheerful plant on the planet. Gardeners cultivate them in stately flowerbeds. Daisies grow wild, bringing light and life to the scenery.

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